PBteen Overdrew my bank account!!!! I’ve been ordering from PB teen for many years so I thought I would start my Christmas shopping early so I started out with PB teen.

Placed a big order it was for about $396 so I used my bank debit card and it withdrew 396 and I thought I was done with it. Wake up this morning and an additional $354 has been withdrawn from my account from PB teen. So now they have 700 and so much dollars out of my checking account for an order that was only for $396. Now the sad thing about that is I only keep so much in my checking account and so that put me at a -$211 and now my bank will charge me a $35 fee because PB teen decided to take an extra 354 out of my account which to me is theft...

so of course I called Customer Service and reported this and of course they’re like well will try to send something over right away letting them know So since you called early maybe it’ll be back in your account by this evening??? First of all who can waive all day or days to get back $354 especially what if that was going to be my grocery money this is purely theft and I will never buy from this company again !!!!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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They did the same thing to me. Billed me for an extra $180 out of the blue. After talking to customer service who assured me of a rapid (5 working day) refund they instead send me a gift card for the balance.


That doesn't make any sense. Something is missing .


I forgot to say, call your bank and ask for a forgiveness return on the overdraft charge. If it's the first time, they often will waive it for you.

I've done this many times.

Hope this helps.

Why I said to buy debit cards that are behind the counter is because people have paid for those on the trees only to find out there isn't any money on them.

Crooks are using machines to take the money off of them by taking them off the trees and swiping them. They they put them back.


It's always a good idea to use a reloading debit card, and make sure you get it from behind the counter. I learned the hard way not to use my checking card for online shopping unless it is somewhere that I am very familiar with and have brought from before.


This is why one should NEVER use a debit card online when you keep such a small balance in the account.

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