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I never write reviews but feel compelled in this case. Ordered an Eco lounger faux fur media chair, ivory luxe polar bear, item 5866905, for my daughter on November 28th with a ship date of 12/18.

This item was for Christmas. When no information was provided by the 18th, I called customer service. They assured me that they were committed to getting items delivered in time and not to worry. However they had no way to contact the warehouse that was making the chair and didn't even know where the warehouse was located.

Called again on the 23rd with the same response. When I still had no information in January, contacted them again and they said that the chair would be shipped on January 30th and to look for an e-mail. On the 31st when there was no e-mail, I called again. They transferred me to someone else and disconnected me.

When I called back, I insisted on speaking to a supervisor and got his voicemail. He took 4 days to call me back and left me a voicemail saying that the fabric was on back order..for 6 months! Where in the world could fabric be coming from in which it would take 6 months to come in. He said that he would call me back so we could make it right.

5 days later when I didn't hear anything from him again, I called customer service and was told to either order something else or cancel. I again insisted that I get something for the horrible way this was handled, that I was lied to about the item shipping, and for waiting for 2.5 months. For all of this stress, I was given a 30.00 gift card. Needless to say I will never shop at PB teen and will be posting this review wherever I can.

I will also make sure that all of my friends and family are aware of their horrible customer service. They should be put out of business.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue. mamaspeech is overall dissatisfied with PBteen. The most disappointing about pbteen shipping service at PBteen was unhappy customer and customer care Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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SAME problem. I ordered the Cushy Lounge (2 pieces) in January and was told it would be here in 12 weeks and it's still not here at 17 weeks.

The stupid pedestal that goes with it won't be here until July sometime. It is also apparently on backorder. This is absolutely ridiculous and the crabby, unhelpful customer service lady was unapologetic and kept telling me the estimated delivery dates are just that - estimated.

I can see being off by a week or so but off by months is unacceptable. I will NEVER order from them again!


I'm having a horrible online shopping experience with PBteen. This company is by far the very worst online store I have ever bought from.

and will never buy from them again. So frustrating!! I mean how hard is it to send a confirmation email to someone after they place an order...(and no it was not in my junkmail) But they seem to ohave no problem emailing me to buy something.

That is just the tip of the iceberg with how incompetent they are, I just went downhill from there. Still haven't received my order, 6 weeks later....ugh.


Update-I am still getting the same treatment-shipping dates that come and go and nobody has anything to say except they are waiting for the manufacturer to respond to them-which is really quite unbelievable. I have to contact them each time a week passes or a shipping date passes.

I have also now purchased my child a different "big main gift" that the chair was meant to be. I have tried email thru the contact on their website which a supervisor told me is the only way corporate will be aware of this issue(which also seems crazy) and have heard nothing. The person who is my contact will not quantify any discount amount-says we will discuss this when item arrives-which is crazy because i have now spent $$ for a replacement gift so not thinking I want to spend $250 for the chair on top.

I have received no gift cards or anything. How is everyone else's progress?Type your message here


Type your message here

I am in the same situation and they keep telling me they have no way to contact the manufacturer of this item other than email and wait and have heard nothing. I have called 3 times.

I have not had anyone tell me June. I do not believe that the only thing they can do is wait for the vendor to respond-this is a large company and obviously there must be an inside contact person to call.

I think the B.S. is the worst part as this is also a Christmas gift and without valid information I have no idea whether to cancel and get my daughter something else or wait.

to t hepler #1424962

same boat here. ordered 11/25/18 with est.

delivery date of 12/18/17. I FINALLY got a supervisor who gave me his email. I know wake up every morning and email him. The same manufacturer who won't respond to an email is who i'm waiting for to cancel my order!

When i have asked why can't PBT who i placed the order with cancel its dead silence.

last week i filed a =complaint with the BBB. I forwarded the contact at PBT the complaint.


Same exact thing for the same bloody chair has happened to me this month. Ordered in 11/27 2017 and was recently told it would arrive in JUNE!

to Lyndsey Eulate #1425055

what fabric did you order? I ordered the snow leopard but no one has told me anything! I just want my order cancelled at this point so I can go get my kids something else

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